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Make an instant fantastic first impression on home buyers with these tips

One of the most important things to do before selling your home is ensure the first impression counts! Homes are selling fast and at top dollar, it is still important to prove that your home is worth every cent. These simple steps will help ensure that the first impression is the best to drive potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior, this includes the yard, driveway, sidewalk and front entry – should serve as a snapshot of what is to come inside. Curb appeal sets the tone to a potential buyer and can make or break an offer.

  • Mow the grass, trim trees and plant.
  • Clean up the front door area and add some plants, lighting and check for spider webs.
  • Plant new shrubs and remove weeds.

Professionally clean

Investing in a professional cleaning company to deep clean carpets or wood flooring can make all the difference in a first impression. Carpets, over the years tend to stain, wear and tear, so it is important to spend that little extra money to make it as pristine and new looking as possible.

Caulk Tubs and sinks

Caulking around your home is an inexpensive way to add detail to your home. It’s easy and can be done fast. This will also stop leaking and give that extra design touch to ensure a positive impression that your home has been taken care of.

Before you list your home, ask us to come by and examine the property for specific showing tips to make your home more appealing. 

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Consumers vote for housing as top investment


Consumers voted for real estate as their top long-term investment choice for a third year in a row, according to the latest survey. No-risk cash investments came in second, and stocks came in third.

Broken out by age group, younger adults divided their vote for the soundest long-term investments between real estate and cash at 30 percent each. Stocks trailed at 13 percent, behind gold. “Contrary to the notion that millennials don’t want to buy homes, their preference for real estate as a long-term investment is exceeded only by their counterparts in Gen X,” says Greg McBride, Bankrate’s chief financial analyst.

Young adults split their vote evenly between real estate and cash (at 30 percent for each), with stocks trailing far behind (at 13 percent, behind gold). Compare that to baby boomers, who choose stocks second after real estate, with cash third.

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Spring Cleaning Made Easy!

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Spring is here! And for many of us it means it’s time for some long-awaited spring cleaning. De- cluttering your house can help make you happier, and your home look even more beautiful. Here are some simple, helpful tips to declutter your home.

1) Take it room by room: By focusing on one room at a time you won’t feel as overwhelmed. In addition, you can start freeing up more space for decorations. Take your time while cleaning, it doesn’t have to all be done in one day!

2) Follow the Rules of Three: If you have similar objects in your home but don’t know where to put them try putting them in groups of three. You will be able to create a natural symmetry in your home.

3) Use baskets to put blankets, throws, and pillows in: Do you have blankets and pillows scattered throughout your house? Simply grab a basket and put it at the foot of beds or next to sofas around your house to conveniently store blankets and more.

4) Get creative with storage solutions: Many now openly store their belongings around your house. Use your storage containers as a way to decorate around your house. They don’t simply have to be black and white boxes, you can use bright colors to make your interior really stand out.

5) Use both open and closed storage: When decluttering try using an even mix of open and closed storage options. By lining your walls around the house with a mixture of open and closed storage you can make have easy access to basic items while making your house look trendy.

We hope these tips will make de cluttering your house less challenging! Good luck and happy spring! Questions? Please contact The Lynch Group at (949) 842-5340.

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