Staging Your Home Before Selling

Every realtor knows the grave importance of sprucing up your home before it’s put on the market.

A little bit of decluttering and cleaning can work, however there are some easy affordable ways to really wow your potential buyers. A staged home doesn’t have to be expensive, but the extra effort you put in to show off your home will pay off quicker and bigger for you in the sale. Not only does it help you organize your clutter, staging a home makes it easier for the buyer to visualize themselves living there. When a home is aesthetically staged well, the clean, posh, comforting feeling will elicit a sense of desire in your prospective buyer, giving them a gorgeous first impression!To make this process as smooth as possible, Cheryl Lynch has come up with 10 easy tricks to help you stage your perfect living oasis.

Home Staging
  1. First Things First: Curb Appeal

    An appealing entryway is the first element of your home that the potential buyers will see. Purchasing potted plants, freshening up the fence paint, and switching the font on your numbers for a modernized look on your door are easy game changers.Cleaning up the dead plants and layering on some fresh mulch for a lively contrast to some freshly planted primroses will assuredly catch your guest’s eye. A lush, velvety lawn is absolutely essential as well, with maybe a swing on the porch if your front yard allows it. Another quick trick would be to paint your front door an appealing, earthy tone that works well with your exterior plants and lighting. Example Hint: A red brick house with a white door, bright green lawn, and firefly lights down the railing would be an affordable fix and aesthetically on point.

  2. Scale It Up

    If you don’t already have trees, shrubbery, or potted plants in your front yard then it’s time to get gardening. But if you do already, make sure that they are scaled to fit your yard. No trees or shrubs should be reaching over the window sill and leaning on the glass, or blocking the door in any way. If you live in a taller building, a large tree may work, but for a residential 2 story home, small orange trees provide a nice pop of color and a 2pm healthy snack as well. On the contrary, if you have too much shrubbery that your yard is looking overshadowed, then it’s time to cut a few out and plot strategically.

  3. Kill The Clutter

    If you were to choose the first thing to do on this list, it would be to exonerate the clutter. Nothing scares away a potential buyer more than a home that is susceptible to piling up all their stuff. Bookshelves should be strategically ½ filled with accents like flowers, mirrors, vases, and art pieces. Rid your home of your personal photographs, papers and books— you want your potential buyer to visualize themselves in this house rather than you. Drab bathroom belongings like towels and curtains can even sway a buyer the wrong way; switch them out for a clean, white color scheme because coordination is key.It may seem drastic, but it is generally recommended to remove almost half of your belongings out of the house as furniture crowds the living rooms, kitchens and hallways. The newfound space will leave the home feeling larger and ultimately stress free.

  4. Fix Your Floors

    You’d think that looking around a new place would distract you from the floor, but unfortunately that is actually the opposite. People looking to buy homes will always check the floor the first 3 seconds they walk into the house. If your carpet is stained, clean it professionally. If you boast hard wood floors, there’s no point in them being dusty, cracked, and dirty… just call your local handy man to sand them over well and polish them off with a rich color stain for a dramatic and easy transformation. Better to spend a little money now than lose it big time in a sale.

  5. Color Pop

    A popular and timeless revamping trick is to add some color in your more “boring” areas. Exchanging a drab throw pillow for a satin pink pillow, a wooden vase for a turquoise glass vase, or even switching out plain white candles for colored candles can up the vibe in an otherwise neutral home. Nothing beats the champion contrast of a white, polished home with bits of brightness to vamp up the energy, so it’s also important to remember that too much color will appear busy and stressful. These little pops of intensity are easy to transfer out when moving out of your home but while selling, they illicit a happy, uplifting vibe that will inspire your buyer to consider how happy they could be living in your home.

  6. Keep it Lit

    One of the easiest, dramatic home transformations is a little bit of good lighting. Not only is this quick fix cheap, but adding a little light here and there is what brings home the warmth and welcome of buying a new place. Light colored curtains and open windows are always essential for a little help on the natural side, but if your home is lacking that lighting oomph, try increasing the voltage in your lamps and light fixtures. An airy, sun-lit room is always what to aim for, but do whatever is necessary to avoid a dingy, stuffy environment. What you ultimately want to achieve is a bright and happy living space, without blinding your guests from an over-lit space.

  7. Outdoor Necessities

    Expectations for backyards have been growing with the rise in trend of outdoor living furnishings. No matter the size of your backyard, a little illumination goes along way. Try picking up some white firefly lights from your local department store and string them over various trees for a quick conversion to a serene sanctuary. A small outdoor fountain would also enhance the dreamy dynamic, as the sound of water will appeal to your guests and make them feel relaxed and tranquil. Adding a little drama to your outdoor living area is an easy upgrade that also allows potential buyers to picture how you outdoor oasis would look at night.

  8. Format Your Furniture

    A staging cardinal rule is to avoid pushing your furniture up against the walls. Not only does it not make the room appear larger like people assume, but it does not allow for easy and comfortable conversation. Try arranging your sofas and chairs into family-friendly cozy groupings so that conversation is encouraged, while simultaneously making the room feel larger than it actually is. If you don’t already have one, a supplementary side table with candles, magazines, and an elegant centerpiece seals the deal and completes the user-friendly flow.

  9. Master Bedroom For Him and Her

    As obvious as this may seem, this component often gets overlooked. Gender neutral bedrooms are absolutely imperative. Keep the bedroom clean and well lit, with essential accessories like mirrors, desk lamps, or a small plant. Avoid room accessories that are too gender specific, paint the walls a neutral cream, and try stripping the bedding into something appealing to both sexes. Creams, browns, whites and blues are colors that attract both males and females, and allow both sexes to picture themselves sleeping in this room. Flowers on the mantle are okay, but stick with something platonic like sunflowers or daisies.

  10. Keep it Posh

    A clean, neutral home is essential to appealing to buyers. Neutral walls with the exception of bathrooms (a bright colored bathroom is daring and modern) are preferable to show your potential buyer this house is their blank canvas. However, as previously stated, little colorful accents like a vibrant vase or contemporary art piece are an absolute necessity. Another easy trick to edge up your place and add visual appeal is to arrange your wall art into groups of three, providing unconventional flair to your living space. Little succulent plants are always an aesthetic win, and you can never go wrong with a glass coffee table with the latest issue of Vogue.

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