Below are services we provide to market your home to SELL!  We will create a customized marketing plan just for you to attract the best buyers for your home.

How We Get Started:

  1. All parties agree and sign listing paperwork.
  2. We will confer with you regarding when you want to place your home on the market.
  3. Together, we will establish a listing price based upon:
    • Research of recent comparable properties
    • Consideration of current local market conditions
    • Your reasons for selling and your needs to have a check in your hand by a specific date
  4. The team will help you estimate your probable net proceeds.
  5. The team will explain our "agency" relationship.
  6. The team will consult with you to make suggestions on what you can do to make your property more sell-able.  This will include feedback from other agents (and buyers, once the property is on the market).

Marketing the Property:

Initial 48 Hours

  1. A "FOR SALE" sign will be placed prominently on your
  2. Text property information rider will be added to "FOR SALE" sign.
  3. A "lockbox" will be installed on the property to facilitate the showing process.
  4. A professional photographer will be ordered to take interior/exterior photos.
  5. Your home will be promptly submitted to the Local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  The remarks section will be customized to maximize the appeal to cooperating agents and a maximum of 30 photos will be posted.
  6. You will be emailed a copy of your MLS Listing for review.
  7. A high quality Marketing Brochure will be prepared by our full production Marketing Department highlighting the features and benefits of your home for cooperating agents and potential buyers.
  8. Listing placed on our premier webpage-links created through network.
  9. Enlist the help of our own network of clients and colleagues by e-mailing them a special flyer describing your home and asking if they know of possible buyers.
  10. Send email "Just Listed" to seller for distribution to their friends and family.
  11. Check with our relocation department for possible buyers transferring to this area.
  12. Realty One Group "Just Listed" alert will be emailed to all Realty one Group through company system announcing your home on the market.
  13. Create web commercial on You Tube for marketing and publish on websites.
  14. Add Listing information to specialty internet websites such as, Trulia, Craig's List,, Zillow, Homeseekers, etc.
  15. Modify and associated websites with additional photos and marketing information for maximum exposure.
  16. Prepare direct mail "Just Listed" announcements for neighborhood and selected target areas.
  17. Coordinate with seller(s)/tenant(s) for area Broker Preview.  This is an "open house" for other realtors to view the home for their potential clients.
  18. Coordinate Broker Preview advertising for MLS "White Sheet."
  19. Order Catering for Broker Preview-lunch is usually provided
  20. Quality full color flyers will be delivered within 48 hours of photo shoot.
  21. Distribute E-Flyer to all Realty One Group Offices and Agents.
  22. Send E-Flyer of the information sheet on your home to other REALTORS for a specific geographic region-minimum of 3,000 agents.
  23. Distribute professional Marketing Brochure to Local Realty One Group Office(s).
  24. Email agents that have Listed or Sold properties in the Area/Tract for last 6 months to notify of new listing and for agents to solicit late buyers.
  25. Promote your property at the appropriate Association(s) of Realtors Breakfast for maximum exposure to other cooperating agents.  Color brochures will be distributed to attendees.
  26. Hold Broker Property Tour.  The team will then ask their opinions on the selling price, condition of property and location.
  27. Seller contacted after preview and associates' comments discussed.
  28. Create Listing Activity/Agent Showing Services Report.
  29. Create real estate "Activity Website" to alert seller of current real estate activity in area.
  30. Hold 1st Mega Open House.  Solicit feedback from prospects and other realtors to obtain information which may improve the chances of selling your home.
  31. Coordinate Open House schedule with Seller for the next 60 days (if applicable).
  32. Set-up Personal Listing Activity Website for Seller(s)-including passwords to access information on what marketing and showing activity has happened on property.
  33. Upload Lock Box Daily Activity Report.  Call Agents for Preview/Showing Feedback.  Update Services Report (on-going).
  34. Qualify ALL incoming leads-log in Services Report to update Seller (on-going).
  35. Submit weekly print advertising (if applicable) for OC Register, LA Times and appropriate local papers (on-going).
  36. Copies of ads emailed to client.
  37. Call ALL agents for additional Feedback/Client Status changes since visiting the property  (Mondays and Fridays).
  38. Analyze weekly Tract/Area Real Estate Activity and discuss Market Trends with Seller (Mondays).
  39. Call Seller to give results on ALL Showing Activity and Share Feedback-Email updated Services Report (Fridays).
  40. Send Market Time Report to Sellers (Bi-Monthly).
  41. Download website hits for the week and forward to Seller (Mondays).
  42. Remind client of Personal Website for Listing Updates.
  43. Replenish flyers (on-going).
  44. Hold open houses when appropriate.
  45. Face to face with Seller-Marketing and Pricing Strategy Review Meeting (Monthly).

Negotiating the Contract:

    1. Qualify buyer through preferred lender and obtain supporting financial documents to verify the buyer's sincerity and financial situation.Negotiating The Contract
    2. Before you sign, we will review the contract and your obligations-counter offer if necessary.
    3. The team will explain how contingencies and release clauses work.
    4. Provisions will be put in place to protect you from signing a "blank check" for problems or repairs.
    5. The team will make sure you do not sell your home to more than one buyer.
    6. Your legal disclosure requirements will be explained and the team will review the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement with you.
    7. The ramifications of pest control inspections/reports will be explained and general structural inspections/reports.
    8. The "Liquidated Damages" clause will be explained and the team will give you a written "Arbitration" clause explanation.
    9. Explanation of your responsibilities regarding the condition of the property will be discussed.
    10. An estimation of your net proceeds will be calculated based on a specific offer.
    11. Advice will be given to holp you handle the issue of "possession."


Managing and Closing Escrow:

    1. The team will follow up closely on the progress of the buyer's loan and coordinate the payoff of your existing loan.
    2. The team will facilitate the appraisal process.
    3. The team will stay in constant communication with the buyer's agent to ensure a smooth escrow (Mondays and Fridays).
    4. The team will advise you regarding specific buyer requests related to structural pest control and general structural inspections.
    5. The team will closely monitor contingency removal dates and discuss these with you.
    6. The team will coordinate the details of the transaction with the escrow officer.
    7. The team will help you if conflicts or impasses with the buy;er arise.
    8. The team will be with you at the escrow company when you sign your escrow instructions.
    9. The team will make sure you get your check and settlement documents promptly  after closing.

Our Pledge:

  1. The team will always represent your best interests.
  2. The team will keep in touch with you on a regular basis at least twice a week.
  3. The team will do everything within reason to get your home SOLD as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  4. Our team will treat your money like our own and strive to get highest possible price for your property.


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