Thank you for your commitment to have The Lynch Group assist you with finding your new lease. Below is our lease package we put together for owners/property managers/landlords to review.

There are different ways you can submit your lease paperwork to us:

1. Scan the documents into a .pdf format and email the documentation to and in the subject line, write “Lease Documents for (YOUR NAME)”.
2. Our team can scan the documents from a hard copy if you drop your lease package off to our address during the business hours of 9am-5pm M-F.
3. Or you can fax them to our secure fax number (949)682-2290.


1. Blank Rental Application: Download and fill out in full for every applicant over 18 that will live in the home. Do not to fill out any information in paragraph 1 or 2 so this area can be customized to each property if you decide to apply to more than one property. Also, initial the boxes at the bottom of page 1 and then sign your name (do not print) on the line titled “Applicant” at the bottom of section I, which is located in the middle of the 2nd page. If you can provide a copy of your credit report, this may avoid additional ‘screening fee’ charges. But in case a screening fee is required, you will need to sign this section.

2. Credit Report: Please obtain a credit report for each applicant who is over the age of 18 in your household. Note: If you already have one saved – it cannot be older than 90 Days. The credit report should contain a FICO score. A Good place to get one is: Trans Union is usually favored.

3. Proof of Income: W-2 employees will need to supply 2 recent pay stubs, self-employed people supply either a recent tax return or 3 month deposit history of your income. If you recently (within 2 months) have a new job or position, please provide an employment letter from your employer to verify income. Please make sure to BLACK OUT any social security numbers or bank account numbers.

4. Bank Statements: Current bank statements showing account balances are required as ‘Proof of funds’ for all security deposits. Please make sure to BLACK OUT any account numbers OR social security numbers that may show up on the statement before sending. Your total account balance(s) must exceed the total of the lease deposit plus first month’s rent.

5. Tenant(s) letter: Since many landlords receive multiple applications on the first day, we found it helpful to provide a letter from the tenants about themselves. This is a one page letter which includes any photos of family &/or pets. The items to discuss in the paragraph: Length of employment, career history, past leasing history, if you have lived in the area in the past, family activities and anything else that would make a landlord want to pick you out of his/her pile of applications. If possible, submit letter in a word document. Include in your email a note that states it is ‘OK’ to customize your letter for each property. We cannot do this without your written permission.

6. Landlord Referral – If you are currently renting or leasing a property, supply a current email or letter from your landlord/property management company. This doesn’t have to be long…Just stating you were on time with the rent and have been a good tenant. Many times this alone will eliminate much of the ‘background’ checking by landlords.

7. Copy of Driver’s License – This shows proof of who you are and you match the application. With so much fraud these days with leasing, this cuts down any questions about who is applying.

The nicest rental properties tend to fly off the market, it is very important that we have gathered all of this information ASAP. This will increase your chances of being accepted and will create a much more seamless, stress free and successful process.

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